Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Healthcare in the US

Employers paying for health is one of the things that is screwed with the US. It makes people stay in jobs they hate just for the health. That screws employees and, by reducing labour mobility (and redeployment of labour to where it is most efficiently used), it screws the economy. Both of these are arguments for community (I don't say social coz words starting with "soc" seem to freak some Americans out) healthcare rather than employer healthcare. And by raising a tax to pay for it, everyone gets a basic level of health. Why is is that in countries like Canada and Oz, sickness doesn't automatically imply poverty, while for some reasons the US views a social net as bad? And I thought that right wingers were meant to be Christians (BTW, I say rightwingers, cos in Oz, NZ and Canada most of our political spectrum - left and right - would all fit within what you call "Democrats" in the US). Come, join us in the 21st century (20th even). Being christian to others does not mean losing your freedom. Failing that, come and start a business here downunder in Oz - we promise heaps of sun, surf and barbies, even some deprecated shrimp (I think that's what you call prawns) on the old barbie.

Rob (I come from a Land Down Under)